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Alexis Kaline

An Email From My Brother


Hi Everyone!

Can you believe it? I am 9 months old now! In three months, I'll be a cat! But that's nothing compared to how old Mommy and Daddy are! I'll tell you what I've found out about them in the last month.

Every girl needs a big brother or two to look out for her. Last month, Mommy was gone at Daddy's for a few weeks. I don't like it when she goes away! Not that it's bad staying with Papa and Aunt Azzie, but I miss Mommy a lot! I miss my Daddy too when he isn't here, but he's not here every night, so it's not as bad. Mommy keeps me warm when I cuddle up with her in bed and she plays with me when Daddy isn't here. (That's Daddy's job when he is here!) She gives me Feline Greenies, which Papa doesn't do, and she scoops. Papa doesn't scoop as good as Mommy does. I like my box scooped every 2 days.

Anyway, when Mommy was gone, I got an email from Ohio. My brother Baggle reads my Photoblog. He was worried after my last blog. He thinks I might have pubity too! I guess even house cats can get it. He had it when he was a kitween and then he got surgey too! I guess it's not uncommon for young cats to get it and it usually ends up being surgey. I think surgey is advanced pubity or something. Well, Baggle told me girls get it worse than boys do. I'm a little scared. Baggle tells me it's dumb to be scared because lots of cats get it, but I just wished my Mommy was home after he told me.

I think he was trying to cheer me up by telling me the secret. Well, it's not a secret anymore because Baggle told me and now I'm telling the world about it in my Photoblog. Mommy and Daddy are REALLY OLD! I thought Aunt Azzie was an old lady. She's 17. Baggle said Daddy is going to be FORTY next month and then Mommy the month after. Can you imagine parents so old? No wonder they don't understand me! Jeez!

Well, when Mommy FINALLY came home to stay instead of to visit, she brought me flowers! She said Daddy sent them because they had a new year. (I guess when you get old you have new years later) So anyway, Daddy sent me flowers for their holiday. Flowers are pretty and smell nice for a while, but they are hard to take care of! Our plants in the window grow and are yummy. Mommy waters the flowers and they die. I think she gives them too much water. I can't even see the dirt!

Grammy is over visiting and she's teaching me about crochet. She's making another afghan and I sit on her lap and make sure the yarn doesn't move too fast. Aunt Azzie sits on the couch too, but she just lays next to Grammy. She's no help at all! Lucky for Grammy that she has her great-grandkitten assistant!

Well, I need to go make sure all my stuff in my house is still okay and then I'll help Grammy crochet some more!


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