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Alexis Kaline

I'm Not Broken Anymore

I'm sorry I'm blogging late this month but it turns out I was a very sick kitten! I just got back from spending the day with Dr. Collisi. She was checking me for pubity and then I got surgey IN THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE! How lucky am I on that one? I guess while you're with the doctor is a good time to get sick so they can fix you! And I am fixed now. Everyone says I'm fixed and they're glad.

I have a patch on my paw, so I guess that's where I was sick. It must be what they fixed. I don't know, I fell asleep. Dr. Collisi said my paw-patch will put medicine in me for a few days so I don't hurt. That's good. I don't like hurting! Mommy sat too close to my paw last night and I meowed at her. But, it's not the same paw they fixed. Now I have to take it easy for a few days so I get 100% better. That means I can't run all over my house. So Aunt Azzie has to come out of retirement to fill in for me for a few days and I'll play with the computer. Blogging isn't too stren-yus.

The one good thing about being sick is people help and do stuff you tell them to. Mommy isn't going away this weekend and Daddy is coming to visit me. I like that a lot better than a vacation. I'm learning about English. Vacation comes from vacancy, meaning empty space. That's at home because Mommy is gone for too long! Emm and Tee are visiting too. I've been playing with them all week and now they are helping me relax. You know, they bring me treats and stuff so I'm comfy.

So, I'm 5 and a half pounds now. They said at the doctor's office that I was in good shape. Well, I am now that they fixed my paw. 5 and a half pounds is okay for 10 months and I'll still grow just a little more. I am petite. I might not get quite as big as Aunt Azzie. Now, I know how my cousin Tee feels. She's petite like me. For her it means there are still some carnival rides she can't ride just yet. For me, it means I could get beaten up by bigger animals! Now, I know Mommy and Daddy won't let that happen, but I saw a picture on one of Mommy's friends' Blog that gives me hope! Hilary told everyone about a cat that chased a BEAR up a tree! The bear was a lot bigger but the cat held his ground and chased the bear away from his yard. I can do that! Aunt Azzie growls and hisses really well when Mommy tries to comb her. I bet I can learn that! Not when Mommy combs me. I like being combed. But I can learn growling and hissing in case there's a bear. And, if I can chase a BEAR, Tee can ride on any ride she wants!

Okay, I'm feeling sleepy now, so I'm gonna get Emm to give me some Feline Greenies and then take a nap.


My New Photos

Relaxing on my bed

See? I told you it was big!


I was sleepy after a BIG lunch!



Okay, so I got stuck...

And Mommy took pictures instead of getting me out!

But I figured out how to angle my whiskers and get MYSELF out!

Playing with my boa


.If Mommy is going on vacation, I'M taking the vacancy in her suitcase!

A good wake-up stretch


Then it's time to play again!


I'm feeling sleepy now

I'll see you when I'm 11 months!


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