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Alexis Kaline

It's Spring!


It's spring!! There's all kinds of fun and new stuff for a happy kitween to find out about!

First, I'd never seen all the leaves fall off the trees before and now they are all getting little green leaves on them. I mean they're really little, littler than me when I became a house cat! Mommy says that's what leaves do. They grow and then change color and fall off when the snow comes so they can start all over again. I'm glad I'm not a tree! I worked really hard to get this big!

I'm almost as big as Aunt Azzie now. We both keep our feline figures strong and shapely with lobster bisque! Mommy got some lobster bisque at the cat store and we both liked it so much we quit eating that other stuff they get in the packets. Papa is buying the lobster now too. You see, it's all about communication! If we stand together against the cheaper food, they HAVE to buy us the lobster! Mommy said something about being treated like staff. What else do cats treat their people like?

One of the best parts of spring is open windows and doors! I like to sit by the patio door and watch the patio stuff. There are birds visiting and a chipmunk! I'm big enough to 'timidate the chipmunk now! It won't come close to the door and watches me every move he makes. hahaha!!

I have a crush! The cat next door is sooo cute! I've never seen him, but when the door is open I can smell him. He smells dreamy! You can tell so much from their smell. Mommy says Daddy smells good! Anyway, I just roll around and coo, hoping he'll notice me! Mommy says he's almost a wild cat. He runs around the neighborhood and chases the birds. He's a rebel! Meee-OW!

Now, Mommy and Daddy say they think it's PUBITY! Can you believe they say I got that? What do they think I am? An alley cat? I am a healthy, clean and disease-free kitween! My older people cousin, Heather, talks about boys and no one says she's sick! I'm not getting any support from my Papa either! He said he agrees that I need to go to the doctor! Well, we'll see if they can get me to go in the carrier to go see the doctor!

In the mean time, I'm going to enjoy the green leaves, the chipmunk and feeling all tingly about my dream-tom.

Happy Spring Everybody!

The First Kitween Of Spring


My tail is about as long as me now!
Lobster Bisque makes tails grow!!




Kaline Answers....

What's on the Patio now?


It's the chipmunk!


. .

WHAT makes me get in a bathtub?



When Tee puts my Yellow Ball in it!


What do I come up with to get my

Aunt Azzie and I band together!



SHH! I'm hiding from the doctor!

It's NOT Pubity!


Happy Irish!

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