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Alexis Kaline


Hi again everybody! Remember when I became a cat and said I wouldn't blog every month anymore, but I'd blog when something interesting was happening? Well, bunches of interesting things have been happening! I've just been so busy being interesting that I haven't had time to blog!

There have been big changes! First off, I should tell you, I'm not a Michicat anymore! Nope! I live in Ohio now. I'm a Buck-cat! I moved for good a couple weeks ago. Now Mommy's moving because she misses me. It's a good thing too, because without Mommy, I don't have anyone to sleep on! I just can't sleep on Daddy. I'll cuddle with him and I've even sat on his hip, but it's not the same. I need Mommy to sleep on at night!

I think it all started back in August after Mommy started going away during the day. Aunt Azzie and I went back to Michigan with her after that hair conditioning treatment and she started going away during the day - almost EVERY DAY! Then we went back to Daddy's and then Chester and Baggle came back to Michigan with us. It was kinda strange, all of us in carriers in the car that night. Chester got car sick, so Mommy and Daddy had to stop and clean the carrier out. EW! Bet Mommy wished they had clumping litter in there!

Chester and Baggle stayed in Michigan while Daddy was on vacation. But during September and October, Mommy didn't go with him. We were kinda worried. All of us together, Mommy there but no Daddy, I didn't want to be from a broken home! But Daddy did come and visit and that assured us that everything was okay and he still loved us and even loved Mommy too.

In late September, Aunt Azzie wasn't doing well and one Friday, when Mommy was away all day, Aunt Azzie told us it was time to go away. She went to Heaven. I miss her but I understood, we all did. But the people didn't understand so well. They were upset and looked all over for her. Mommy sent balloons to heaven for her and I bet she liked those!

Just before Aunt Azzie went away, I caught my SECOND real mouse! I caught the first one at my Ohio house when we were there in August and then I caught one in Michigan in September. Mice are fun! They play tag, but they aren't so good when they're "it," so they always let you be "it." Mommy just doesn't understand how we play though, and she usually takes the mouse away. When I caught the one in Michigan, it played pickle with Baggle and me. That was fun! But, well, Baggle hit it pretty hard and I think it knocked him out. Mommy had to take him to the mousey hospital I think. Catching mice is Kitty Little League. After the game, you get treats! I probably would get treats even if I lost, but I don't lose!

After Chester and Baggle went back to Ohio, I started traveling. Every weekend, when Mommy went to see Daddy, she stopped home and picked me up and I went too! I got to play with my brothers and see Daddy. It was great! But then at 5:00 on Monday morning, EVERY Monday, I had to go back and stay in my Michigan house all alone until Mommy came back. She says she has to go wherever she goes every day for me to be able to have cat food. But, she doesn't bring home cat food every night. I don't understand!

I got my shots, that I'm supposed to get every year, in November. Dr. Collisi says I am eight and a half pounds! I'm not petite anymore! I am PURRFECTLY average for a healthy girl kitty! Average is 7-10 pounds and 8.5 in in the exact middle!

I got to try to climb my second Christmas cat-toy tree, but before Christmas even came, I moved. Mommy just took one night that we went to Daddy's and told me "You'' are an Ohio cat now, Kaline, you live here, all the time." I was upset. Was Mommy giving me to Daddy and leaving us? NO!!!! I was mad at her the first time she came back after being gone for a bunch of days and I let her know it too! I wouldn't let her pet me and I would NOT sleep with her. I had to make sure she knew not to do that and I guess it worked. Now she says she's moving to Ohio too! I like that much better.

So that's the update on all the stuff that's been going on. This is the former Michicat signing off!

Showing my brothers my favorite door in Michigan

Watching the rain with Baggle


I'm a real mouser!

The mouse I caught in Michigan. alexiskalinekitty Baggle and I played pickle with him!



My Memories of Aunt Azzie

Our first meeting


One of our first naps together




My last picture with Aunt Azzie


Time To Move!


Dictating this Photoblog entry to Mommy in our new Ohio office


Hanging Out with my Daddy



It's okay to be on the table by the window
as long as people aren't eating there.


Okay but the Cat-toy Tree is a LOT more fun
to climb than the fake Poisonsetta!

(Mommy says the Cat-toy tree will be in Ohio next year!)



On the steps with Baggle


Chester and me looking out our front door


Suitcases and boxes...

A Michikitten grows up to be a Buck-cat!


I'll tell you some more about Ohio next time!



It's me! Kaline the CAT!

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