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Alexis Kaline

Last Blog Before Yahoo!!

Hello again! It's me, Kaline. I've been a Buckcat almost a year now. I'd have written sooner, but it takes humans a lot longer to move than it does for cats! Mommy didn't handle the move as well as I did either. She was so homesick that she went back to Michigan almost every day for 5 whole months after she moved! Can you believe that? Oh, she came home at night because she missed me, but 5 days every week she ran back to Michigan. Thank goodness she's over that now. She goes away to do some kind of people thing during the day, but she is home before it gets dark every night.

I am learning lots of new stuff all the time, but one thing I don't want to learn anymore about is heaven. Remember when Aunt Azzie went to heaven last year? Well, she's not alone in heaven. Back in February, Chester, my brother, got sick. He had to take medicine. That wasn't a big deal. Aunt Azzie always took medicine. But Chester's medicine didn't work as well as Aunt Azzie's did. One night while Mommy and Daddy were out, Chester had trouble. He couldn't feel his back paws, one of his legs, not at all. Baggle and I wanted Mommy and Daddy to come home right away and we waited. Chester was very scared. When Mommy and Daddy got home, they were scared too. Chester had to go to the hospital emergency room to see a doctor and Mommy and Daddy took him.

A little while later they came back. They meaning Mommy and Daddy. Chester's carrier was with them, but not Chester. Chester went to heaven. The doctor couldn't fix him. When they went to the hospital, they put the afghan Grammy made for Aunt Azzie in the carrier for him to be comfortable on. They put the afghan next to our pillow when they came home and they sat on the couch. They were very sad. Baggle and I sniffed at the afghan. It smelled like our brother and the hospital. We sat together on the afghan, knowing Chester was keeping Aunt Azzie company in heaven and wasn't coming back home to us. They called Chester's Mommy in Texas to tell her and all the people cried. Baggle and I had our paws full making sure they were okay.

Things started getting better when spring came. When the weather got better Chipmunk Theater started up again. That has got to be the BEST show! Sometimes Baggle and I sit by the cat TV screen and the chipmunks will come right up to the screen, almost like they are right there! I have to figure out how the TV thing works. Sometimes, people come into the house right through the screen! It's magic! Mommy and Daddy have even been on TV. That must be where they go all day, they're just on Channels Baggle and I don't watch.

Now Mommy is getting ready to have a party in Michigan for Nancy and Auntie Sheri. Remember when I told you my parents were both 40? Well now I think everyone is 40! People are OLD! But that's a good thing, because there are things I need to do that I can't because I'm only 2, like blogging.

And speaking of blogging, this will be my last photoblog entry at this URL, Mommy and Daddy are both very busy and that makes it hard to write a blog as often as I want to because there are rules about two-year-olds using the internet without a grownup human to watch them, never mind that in cat years I AM a grownup! Hmph. Now I'm going to have a regular blog at Mommy and Daddy both have blogs there and they can both help me sigh on so I can blog more often. Please come visit my new blog often!

Thanks! See you on Yahoo!


Baggle and me sharing the sliver of the sunny spot left



Kaline's Got Games!

Mommy and Daddy leave such neat stuff for me to check out!


Memories of Chester

On the bed with both of my brothers


Nap time...NOT a wrestling match!



Life is good at home!



With my pal Puff on the Mommy and Daddy's TV


The main level housey





Part of my job at home? Make sure Daddy gets to bed and gets his rest!

Time for TV

Gotta catch the latest episode of Chipmunk Theater!


See you on Yahoo!


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