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Alexis Kaline

It's me! Kaline the CAT!

Can you believe it? I'm a whole year old already! I'm a CAT!

I'm very secure with whop I am now and I'm very secure with my whole Michigan house. In fact, after a couple weeks at my Daddy's, I'm very secure with my whole Ohio house too!

My real birthday was August 12, but we had a party the Sunday before we left Toledo, so I could celebrate with my brothers. My birthday cake was Meow Mix moist crab and salmon, which is a great cake when you turn over the cup. I shared my birthday cake with my brothers, Chester and Baggle and Aunt Azzie. They had smaller bowls, but I got the BIG BOWL for the first time! Ant Azzie's birthday was August 1st, she turned 17. We had a party in Ohio for her too. her cake was Lobster Bisque - YUM! (But I only got a small bowl at Aunt Azzie's party.)

I've sure come a long way from the truck stop 11 months ago! I'm big - I'm petite, but a big petite. Lots bigger than the pound I was in September last year!

I still don't like it when Mommy is gone. In fact, she's been testing me lately. You know what? She goes away every morning and doesn't come back ALL day! How's she going to get her duties as my Mommy done if she's gone all day? She wraps those long things in the laundry room that she tells me not to pull on around her legs and wears skirts. She puts her purse in her brief case and eaves early in the morning. Then I don't see her until dinner time. What can she possibly be doing all day?

Like I said, I don't like it when she leaves me, but I know she comes back to me every time. Daddy stays gone longer, but he always comes back too. I really miss living in Toledo because I got to see Daddy every day when we were there. But even when I'm in Michigan, Daddy comes back to me too. The strangers who were nice to me at the truck stop never came back when they said "goodbye." Mommy and Daddy gave me a home that they always come back to.

I'm big, warm when there's snow and cool when it gets really hot. I've gotten rid of the fleas I ad when I was a baby, eaten dry kibble and yummy moist food. I got surgey and survived and I'm always loved!

Happy birthday to me! I'm a very lucky kit...CAT!

Getting ready to party!


Mommy said I got a little carried away!


The life of a full grown CAT!

Baggle, Aunt Azzie and me at my birthday party


Crab and Salmon birthday cake

On Daddy's bed with Chester and Baggle.


Relaxing at Daddy's house with Aunt Azzie


Aunt Azzie and I TRY to teach Mommy to write poetry!




Growing up is HARD WORK!

I'll keep you updated on the important stuff!

Thanks for watching me become a CAT!


A Michikitten in Ohio

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