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Alexis Kaline

A Michikitten in Ohio

Well! This has been exciting and weird! I haven't been home! Oh, don't worry, I didn't get sick again! I have a very good doctor! She fixed me and all of my fur is coming back! (That happens with Surgey, your fur falls out in places when you're asleep!) Nope, I haven't been sick at all. I met the rest of my family!

It was really hot! Aunt Azzie and I were so sleepy all the time. Aunt Azzie didn't even want to get up for her medicine or dinner! I don't think she was drinking enough because she didn't even get up for a drink. I'da let her drink my water in my room, honest I would! Mommy wasn't happy either. She was working on the computer and her hair would cry! She said it's called swet. I think swet is the past of swat because she kept swatting her hair and pulling her shirt out and swatting it around too. Poor Mommy didn't like it hot like that either!

Then Daddy had a great idea. He didn't like seeing us unhappy, so he told Mommy to come to his house and bring us because he has hair conditioner. I didn't want to go. I thought I'd have to get a bath in water! So, when Mommy tried to put me in the carrier, I squirmed out and made a run for it. She did end up catching me and putting me in the carrier. She said I'd get to meet my brothers, which is fine, but I DIDN'T WANT A BATH!

Aunt Azzie was happy to go. She'd never been out of Michigan before and was happy to go to Ohio for hair conditioning. I have never heard of a cat that likes baths and I email with a lot of cats. I thought my poor Aunt had just had too much hot and had gotten crazy!

When we got to Daddy's house, he came out to help us go inside. Daddy carried my in my carrier and Mommy carried Aunt Azzie in the picnic basket. (No fair that I had to stay in the carrier and the picnic basket had an opening Aunt Azzie could stick her head out of!) When we got in the house, they set the carrier and picnic basket down on the ground. Mommy took Aunt Azzie out and Daddy opened the carrier door. I saw Aunt Azzie and then...I saw two of the hugest cats ever!

My brothers, Chester and Baggle are really big! Dr. Collisi said boys got bigger than girls, but I'M PETITE! I wasn't in a big hurry to get out of the carrier. I had to get my courage. Baggle and I trade emails and I couldn't let him think I'm a wimpy little kitten! In a month, I'll be a cat! Besides, I am queen of my house and he is the king of his. I have to be regal and tough. So I came out of the carrier and growled so Chester and Baggle would know I'm not a baby!

Boy was I surprised! Baggle is shy in person! Chester can be really tough. He talks mean! He hissed a me! So, I hissed back. Well, we all hissed a little at first. Its cat trash talk. We have to be tough to get to know each other. It's a cat thing.

Daddy's house is neat! He has windows all over with cat seats on them. He has a toy shelf on the kitchen counter with a milk ring for every room in his house. There is a huge kitty bathroom downstairs that Baggle and Chester share with Daddy so he can put his laundry machines in it. Daddy's even got a window with a cat seat in the bedroom, so I can look out the window when I'm not sleeping!

Sleep arrangements were a little bit of a problem. Aunt Azzie stayed in the kitty bathroom in the basement the first night. She likes sleeping on the carpet near Daddy's clothes machines. Okay, fine for her, but I sleep with Mommy, always have. Mommy and Daddy sleep all the way upstairs and Chester and Baggle wouldn't let me up the first night! I ended up in the basement with Aunt Azzie! THAT had to be fixed!

So, the next night, and every other night, I marched right upstairs and right to my Mommy's side, where I belong. Baggle hissed, Chester hissed, I growled! Sleeping in a basement will make you grouchy! They didn't sleep on the bed anyway. Well, in the morning, Baggle came up on MY bed and laid down on MY MOMMY'S hair! So I growled at him in the morning too.

Things started to get okay when Mommy and Daddy took out the feather toy. That was fun! And we all played with it. Well, except Aunt Azzie who took once swat with her nose and laid down. We did start to get along better as the week went on. I let my brothers sniff me and we even ate together and looked out the front door. Really, I think I kinda like my brothers, they're probably pretty okay. When it was time to go home, I didn't want to go. I wanted to get to know my brothers better! Maybe we'll visit again some day.

Oh, and they never did make me take a bath. I think they put the hair conditioner in the vents. I don't know how hair conditioner does it, but it was cooler in Ohio and Aunt Azzie was feeling better because of it. Mommy wasn't swatting her clothes either. I think we should try hair conditioner in Michigan sand Chester and Baggle can come visit here!



New Stuff


Leaning about baseballs

Mommy says the other Kaline was a great baseball player's that thumb thing. isn't it?



All Aunt Azzie and I wanted to do was sleep when it was hot!



Meeting My Brothers!


Baggle actually tried to keep me out of the bedroom at first!


Daddy had to hold me down
when Chester started talking trash!

The window with cat-seat in Daddy's room

Eventually we did start to get to know each other

Baggle and I even played a little


I wanted to look at Chipmunk Theater
with my brothers


But now, I'm back in Michigan

I gotta find out how that hair conditioner works!



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