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Alexis Kaline

My First Christmas

WOW! That's all I can say about Christmas. WOW!

Mommy and Daddy went to New York the weekend Christmas started to see Daddy's side of the family. I stayed home with Papa so that means I got to run all over the house at night and I got extra moist food at dinner. Cool! Then on Monday, before Mommy came home, I finally got to meet my Grammy! She calls me "Snicklefritz." I have no idea what a "snicklefritz" is, but when she says it to me it sounds nice. I told her what great afghans she makes because I love to sleep on them! She made me one of my own! She says it's lavender, Mommy calls it purples. I don't know what they're talking about. It's gray. But it's really comfy and ALL mine! Now Aunt Azzie and I can sleep on our afghans together!

Mommy got home from New York and told us all how great Daddy's family is, and that I have three more cousins in the same age range as my under teen cousins that I've met. She also told us about how pretty New York City was at Christmas, but that I'd be cold and get lost there, so it was a good thing I was home with Papa.

Then there was the "Elfen Sweat Shop." That's Mommy's office all set up for cutting up shiny paper and sticking stuff in it. They actually ended up kicking me out! All I wanted to do was play with all the cut up paper!

On Christmas Eve, Mommy gave me my first Christmas present. I graduated from my little kitten potty box to a big cat litter box that Mommy says is "plenty big enough for my four-pound cat butt." I have enough room to keep all the sand in the box now so Mommy and I are both happy about that.

Uncle John and Uncle Scott came over for dinner on Christmas Eve and after Daddy got here too, they all sat at the table. I was a very good girl and didn't walk on the table either! Ask the parakeets! They know I was good because I was right there on their cage the whole time!

Papa and Grammy came home and after my uncles left it got really fun!

All the people got Christmas stockings full of cat toys! They took the things out of the middle of the cat toys and made balls out of the toy. Everyone was throwing the paper balls out into the middle of the room and Mommy said I was fielding fly balls, just like that other Kaline! I like Santa! Paper balls are one of my favorite toys and he gave everyone a bunch of them to share with me!

On Christmas morning, Papa and Grammy went to Emm and Tee's house in Kazoo. Mommy and Daddy slept in and when they woke up, they made a food called brunch. Then they had Christmas Stockings that weren't from Santa. They made them for each other. We all curled up in a couple of people sized afghans and they opened up presents, Then the three of us just cuddled for a while and looked at the kitty-jungle gym. I know they call it a Christmas tree, but it's not made out of trees and it's full of cat toys! I think they mean the jungle gym is only up at Christmas time so I'd better play as much as I can right now.

My stocking bag from Santa had a crunchy ball, some of the kitten food I DO like, a stuffed horsey and a package of rolly balls with bells! Mommy let me have the horsey, crunchy ball and one of the bell balls for now. Uncle John and Auntie Sheri were over for dinner and then EVERYONE came over for the "Fabulous Cat Treat Bar!" I know Mommy says dessert bar not cat treat bar, but while they all passed around the trays of cookies and cakes, they also passed around my treat bag! Everyone gave me a treat (or two, or three) No limits! I gorged on Milky Flake-Ums all night!

Christmas is a VERY fun time! Now today, I've been sleeping all day. All that excitement made me tired. I think it's time for another nap!

No matter what holiday you're having, I hope it's as much fun, and you get as many treats, and I had for my first Christmas!


My First Christmas Memories

The fireplace on Christmas Eve was so warm!



Meeting Grammy and MY Afghan!!

Me with Grammy

Grammy made me an afghan of my very own!

Mommy says I'm such a lady
(when I want to be!)


Playing on the couch with Daddy



Christmas Stockings!

Everyone shared their paper balls with me!

"I'm ready - throw me another one!"



Mommy took this one of
me and Daddy on Christmas morning!

The Christmas Jungle Gym is Fun!!


Hope your holidays are as much fun as mine!

Daddy and I need to rest now!


A Holiday Kitty

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