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Alexis Kaline

A Holiday Kitty

Hi there! Kaline checking in again, here!

Well, I am FOUR months old as of yesterday! A couple weeks ago Dr. Collisi weighed me when I went to see her. I was up to 3 pounds and 7 ounces! I'm almost half Aunt Azzie's size! That's because I drink kitty milk whenever Mommy buys it. In fact, I'm so health conscious I drink Aunt Azzie's too if I can! I exercise lots and I eat cat food. I eat that kitten stuff if they make me, but I get as much cat food as I can. That's why I'm growing so much!

Thanksgiving was a neat holiday. On the night before Thanksgiving Daddy comes over and he makes it turn white outside. Then the three of us watch the hole in the wall burn. Mommy made it do that. It's neat and warm. I can't get too close because it gets hot, but I like it. Then Mommy and Daddy go away for the weekend but my Papa stays home. I like it when Papa feeds me. He gives me more of the food with gravy than Mommy does! But Mommy gives me treats which Papa doesn't do.

Speaking of treats! I trained Mommy to do tricks! When I sit, she gives me Feline Greenies! It's so neat! If I see her pick up the bag, I sit next to her and she obeys me! Now I have to train her to take pictures quicker. I pose so well and she is so slow... <sigh> I'll work with her!

I also won a house battle. Mommy lets me play on the plant table now. Well, she still yells, but she took the gate off. Talk about a mixed message. The big poisonsetta is hanging now and I don't care about it because I get to play in the ribbon plant! The 2 little poisonsettas went to live at Daddy's house. My half brothers, Chester and Baggle don't care about plants. I never wanted to eat the dumb old poisonsettas anyway. I just wanted to play with them.

Now Christmas is coming. I'm kinda mixed on this Christmas thing. They put cat toys all over the house and tell me not to play with them. That's mean! It's also very hard to resist! A lot about Christmas is hard to resist. All that candy in those twisty noisy wrappers is so much fun to bat around. And baking! Aunt Azzie and I both love baking! All that butter smell makes a kitty crazy! I like presents too. Before the family Christmas party I peeked at my cousin Jae's present. I only moved enough wrapping to see it. Tee, Emm and Eee were all telling me I was in trouble. It's rough being the littler cousin.

The Christmas party was kinda confusing. I got to spend some time with Daddy, which was real good, but then even Daddy went into the big room with all those people! Jae and Gee especially scare me. In people years, they are littler than me. They pet rough. I'll like them better when they are big like Emm, Tee and Eee.

All in all, I'm still liking this life as a house cat. Daddy said I probably don't even remember being a truck stop kitten. But I remember enough to know I love my Mommy and Daddy for being my Mommy and Daddy and that when the door opens up now it's colder than I ever remember and I am glad to be right where I am!

Merry Christmas!


More pictures of my family!

Our first Family Portrait!
Me with Mommy AND Daddy!
(Emm took the picture at the Family Christmas Party)


My Thanksgiving Portrait


I figured out that if I hide in the Degas bag, maybe
Mommy won't notice and I can go with her!

I'm sure glad to be on THIS side of the window!


Mommy's arms are still a nice safe feeling place to take a nap!

It's me! Can you tell I'm not one of the toys?

Another Christmas Pic

See? I can resist the cat-toy Tree!



Happy Holidays everyone!



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