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Alexis Kaline

Happy New Year!

So I'm trying to figure this out. Everyone says it's six but I'M five and it used to be five when I wasn't five yet. I think it's because everyone is talking about years, not months. Guess they don't write blogs as much as me.

So Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates years! And Happy five months old to...ME!

Mommy and Papa have been cleaning everything and they took down my climbing tree. I never did get all the way up to that angel! NEXT year! For 2006 the Astros win the World Series and I get the Angel. Mommy says it's good to have goals to start the new year. Those ones are mine. I know Mommy had a list for me, but I like my goals better. Who wants to stop biting and leave the birds alone anyway?

I'm not growing so much now. I'm still growing, just not as fast as I was, but I'm getting stronger and better at everything! I can jump to the top of all the furniture in Mommy's office where she keeps all the really shiny stuff! That stuff goes boom and crash if you knock it off. Sometimes things fall when I walk by them. I found out I can jump down really far and run even faster too!

Mommy and I are having some issues. She calls my precious, favorite toy, the yellow ball, my "mangy old used to be yellow ball!" She tried to take it away last week! She picked up my wonderful yellow ball and put a dorky green one with no marks or anything to personalize it, on the floor. Did she really think she was going to fool me? I snuck up on the bed where she had MY ball next to her and I took it back and ran out of the room! Then she did it again only this time she put them next to each other to try and trick me! As if! She's given up on trying to trick me into giving up my yellow ball now!

Grammy wasn't feeling good for a while and Mommy went to her house for a really long time! I stayed home with Aunt Azzie and Papa. It's okay to stay with Papa, because he gives me good canned food and lets me stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning! But I miss Mommy when she's gone. Grammy got better and Mommy came home and boy was I glad to see her!! I ran to her and she held me and I purred and cuddled and didn't want to get down! Now the last couple days I've gotten to see Mommy AND Daddy! Mommy gives me treats and Daddy plays with me a lot. It's the best of both worlds. They should both stay here with me full time!

I have to go back to the doctor soon. Mommy and Daddy keep saying "Kaline's surgey" when they talk about the vet. I don't know what surgey is, but I'm sure I'm not surgey. I'm energetic and curious, but definitely not surgey! They also say I don't have to go to the vet right away, but soon, for my surgey! I guess it's not serious if I'm surgey, but I am NOT surgey! I think my parents worry too much! I'll let everyone know how much I weigh and how much Dr. Colossi laughed at them worrying that I was surgey after I go see her next time!

For now, I need to do some web surfing to find out 'zactly what surgey is!

See ya!


Some of my first pictures of 2006


Mommy, Me and Daddy


I'm my Daddy's ANGEL!



I gotta have something to do until Spring Training!

No Lions, No Bengals, GO PANTHERS!!
(and they did beat da Bears)



"Mommy, please don't go!"



During Christmas cleaning I finally got to take a nap with Baby Jesus!

I blend right in don't I?

Relaxing on my afghan

Catching a quick cat-nap at half time


My Papa loves his grandkitten!


My favorite plant to chew is a Pineapple Plant named Bob too!


Why can't I ever catch Aunt Azzie by surprise?


See you for my HALF BIRTHDAY!


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