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Alexis Kaline

Happy Irish!



Happy Irish Everyone!

Mommy took that picture of me when I was reading some of the stuff she printed from her web page. She had some pretty green plants on the one for March before I was born and I decided I needed to know about this Irish stuff. It seems I must be prossin Irish, like Mommy. I am orange too! But if Mommy can wear green on St. Patrick's day, then I can eat DOUBLE Feline Greenies because it's a holiday! (Daddy, tell Mommy that, okay?)

I'm a lucky Irish kitty anyway! On March 17th, I will have been a house cat for SIX MONTHS!

I felt the windows cold on my nose when the white stuff they call snow fell all over everything outside. I watched it get all wet with puddles bigger than me! I've snuck out in the garage and cried to come in because my feet got cold. But for all those icky things, I've been able to sleep in a warm bed and eat good food and have some gravy every night with Aunt Azzie. I guess I was born under a lucky prossin Irish star to be orange and crying in an engine at the right time!

Aunt Azzie and I got in our first all day fight a while back, but we made up. We have officially traded beds in Mommy's office. I sleep on the pillow and she sleeps in the chair. Sometimes, we even share. But sometimes she takes this sharing thing too far! She tried to come into MY room at bedtime the other night. Imagine! I let Mommy sleep there, but I never told Aunt Azzie she could sleep in my bedroom! I chased her right out! Mommy told me that I shouldn't be mean to Aunt Azzie and tried to tell her to come in, but she knew better. Like Mommy can invite other cats into my room just because I let her sleep there. But I let that one slide because Aunt Azzie knows to stay out of my stuff.

Besides, Mommy and Daddy are good to me. I said they should be here full time and I meant it! Mommy makes paper balls for me during the day when she's in her office and I am awake and come visit her. Daddy brought home the BEST toy when he brought Mommy stuff for her coffee. They called it a milk ring - I call it FUN! Now I found out they come with lots of things! Mommy got me once called a juice ring. It looks just like a milk ring, but I love it anyway! People businesses sure cater to people who have cats, putting cat toys on all those things they buy. They don't do that for canines, just for Kalines!

Well, Aunt Azzie and I are going to rest up and have some Feline Greenies and green water! Happy Irish everyone whether your Irish is prossin or cat licked, enjoy! I don't know what snakes have to do with St. Patrick's day, but Arid Cobra to everyone!


My Latest Pictures!


Mommy calls it my look of cattitude!




I'm getting stronger
'cause I work out regularly!


I was such a good girl! I looked...a lot,
but I didn't eat Mommy's Valentine roses!


6 Months Later...

Life as a house cat is still good!


Living with
Aunt Azzie


We play all the time when I'm not sleeping

If Aunt Azzie doesn't like my rules,
we can take this out in the hall!

But in the end, we really can share okay!

Kaline has to know...

What is it about this Irish thing?


The birds in the tree are bigger
than the ones in my kitchen!



This sure beats the truck-stop!

Thank You Mommy and Daddy!


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