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Alexis Kaline

My First Half-Birthday!


Welcome to my first half-birthday party! Well, okay, Mommy says half-birthdays are personal celebrations, but I'm gonna have a blog-party anyway!

Mommy thinks I'm about 6 pounds now. Daddy says he doesn't think I'm quite 6 pounds yet. They'll never know. I'm never going to the doctor again! I did some web surfing and found out about surgeys! I saw pictures of a cat who had it REALLY bad. I don't have that! They say I get it with pubity. I'm not gonna get pubity either! No surgey here, nuh-uh! I had all my vaccinations and I'm a housecat! There is no way I'll ever get surgey or pubity. Alley cats get that!

But on to the good things! My world is looking UP! Well, I'M up! I look down on my world! I am upon the desk, up on the counter, up on the closet shelf, up on the tall drapes in the living room - I'm really up on living all together!

I'm widening my exploration of my house. It's a big house! Aunt Azzie really NEEDED me! I help her survey it when we're awake. I also like to sleep downstairs sometimes during the day. When Grammy isn't home, Daddy sleeps in her room when he's over, so the sheets smell like him! I like to curl up in the pillows. It's almost like I sleep with Daddy during the day and Mommy at night!

Good News for me in the food area! Mommy found me a food that I like as much as Aunt Azzie's! It's a good compromise. Mommy says it's okay for "kitten systems" and I like the way it tastes. So my snacks at night when I wake up hungry are GOOD food now!

Valentines Day was a neat holiday. I helped Mommy put all the things in Daddy's present bag. It's kinda like mini-christmas but no green. Daddy got candy, cards and soup cups. Mommy got some candy, M&M stuff and roses! Roses are plants with flowers on them. Mommy won't let me play with THOSE either! I made Daddy a Valentine too, but Mommy and Daddy went to Daddy's house. Something about spending Christmas with Aunt Azzie and me, so they spent Valentine's Day with Chester and Baggle. Papa is working in Kazoo this week, so Aunt Azzie and I had our own Valentine's Day party. I still think I like Christmas better. I got paper balls on Christmas!


Pictures of a Half-Year-Old Kitten!!


Lookie! My forehead whiskers are getting darker!


I'm getting taller too!

Mommy took this to show Daddy
that I have ALL my teeth now!


One of my Valentine portraits

But where are the paper balls??

My "UP" World!

UP on the top shelf

UP the highest drapes in the house

UP on my football plays!


My Wild Side...

Me and my Daddy-controlled "Devil Guy"

I just FLIP for him!



Thanks for coming to my Blog-Party!

The Half-Birthday Girl needs to nap now!


Happy New Year

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