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Alexis Kaline

No More Fuzzy Baby Fur!

I am 3 months old! I'm not a fuzzy little girl anymore! Daddy says he thinks I'm almost 3 pounds now. I go see Doctor Collisi again soon and we'll find out for sure, but I bet he's right! I'm NOT a baby anymore! I guess that's why sometimes I do hear Mommy call me "Alexis Kaline" now. But she just doesn't understand! I NEED to know stuff!

She tells me not to play with the strings behind the computer desk and not to put my paws on the pretty glowing buttons on the stick the strings are tied to. But it's hard to resist! They are just dangling there saying "Kaline, come play with us!" Mommy tells me about "kitten fritters" and that the strings will make those and she doesn't like them. And when I put my paws on the buttons and everything gets quiet on the computer she says it. "Alexis Kaline, get your orange furry butt out of there." Mommy has stress issues! She gets to take a break from work when that happens. I'm just taking care of her, so why should I get yelled at?

I have a new favorite toy - Aunt Azzie! I chase her tail and ride Auntie Back. She runs a little fast for me though and I fall off, but I jump right back on!

Aunt Azzie shares her food. As an upward growing kitten, I am interested in getting bigger as fast as I can so I ply logik. If kitten food helps little cats get bigger and cat food keeps bigger cats bigger, then I ply logik to figure out that cat food will make a kitten grow really fast! Mommy tells me that I should eat kitten food and not to eat Aunt Azzie's food, but she just wants to keep me a baby forever! Parents! Humph!

As a growing kitten, I am not just smarter and bigger but I'm more independent. I do love my Mommy and like to be with her or at least in whatever room she's in, but I don't HAVE to be where Mommy is all the time. Sometimes I explore other rooms for a little bit. When Daddy is over I curl up and sleep next to him and stay and play with him when Mommy isn't in the room. See? I'm not a little kitten anymore, I'm almost a cat! I don't follow Mommy around all the time anymore either. If Daddy is here, I follow him!


Here's pictures of me as almost a cat!


Aunt Azzie and I play together all the time now!


This afghan is Aunt Azzie's but Grammy is making me one of my own!




On my TV chair

Baseball season is over...
Dreaming of NEXT YEAR

I caught my first mouse!!!

Our Halloween costumes

Aunt Azzie and I were Zombies

Daddy brought me this one!

I DON'T have to be in the same room Mommy is in...

As long as I have something that smells like her!

I didn't break anything this time!


Being a big kitten is hard work...see you when I wake up!


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