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Alexis Kaline

I Am Two Months Old Now!


Yep! My 2-month birthday was October 12! In ten months, I'll be a CAT! But right now, I'm enjoying kittenhood too much to worry about that!

I figured out that quarantined meant that I was in kitty-jail! But, when I went back to the vet, Doctor Collisi, my doctor, said I was healthy and I could play with other cats! I went to the vet with Mommy and my cousins that I just met, Emm and Tee. Emm and Tee were fun once I got used to them. Mommy says I have to say they are Emm and Tee when I tell everyone online about them because in human years, they're only a few months older than me! Emm and Tee are bigger too, but that's because humans get bigger than cats do. When Doctor Collisi weighed me she said I had gained 15 ounces! That makes me almost twice as big as I was when Mommy and Daddy found me! I bet it's the gravy. Gravy is good for making a kitten grow!

So, now I am 'quitted of kitty jail and I get to see more of the house. I don't like to go too far away from people on my own yet. It's a BIG house! I don't want to be alone like I was at that truck stop ever again! I still sleep with Mommy and I stay in our room if there aren't any people home. Aunt Azzie is usually nearby whenever we are home alone, so I don't get lonely.

So, I stay where Mommy is and if Daddy is visiting, I'll follow him around too. He let me sit on his knees at dinner as long as I was on the other side of the table curtain! We had dinner with with Papa and Aunt Judi. Aunt Azzie didn't stick around at dinner. I met her cousin, Sammy. I hissed at Sammy! I don't care if he has a book about him or not! I don't think I like dogs!

I've discovered TV. I like to watch a little, but it makes me sleepy unless there's baseball on! Then I like to watch and sometimes I try to catch the balls. My team is the Astros. Mommy would rather it be the Reds or Braves and Daddy would like it if I was a Red Sox fan, but I gotta be my own kitten! I watched them win the Division Series, and then I watched the National League Series, but I couldn't bear to watch when they were losing to St. Louis. Then I slept on the floor! But when they are winning I watch the whole game!

Well, that's all I want to say for now. I'll type more soon!



Here are some new pictures of me and my humans. Hope you like them!


Look how BIG I'm getting!!


Me and Daddy

Me and Mommy

With my cousins, Tee and Emm

Emm tastes good too!

"Cool cats use Macs!"

Think Steve Jobs will hire me??

I like Baseball!



I picked up a new toy!

Bye Now! Come back soon!



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