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Alexis Kaline

Rescued September 17, 2005
Monroe, Michigan


My name is Alexis Kaline Lividini-Patch. Everyone calls me Kaline, but I'm not sure exactly what a Kaline is yet. Mommy says I'll only be called Alexis Kaline when I'm bad, but I'm too young and cute to possibly be bad yet! I live in Michigan with my Mommy, my grandfather and Aunt Azzie, Mommy's "furry sister." Daddy lives in Ohio with my half brothers (Daddy's cats from his previous marriage) Baggle and Chester.

My Mommy and Daddy rescued me from a Truck Stop in Monroe, Michigan, where I was trying to keep warm under the hood of a SUV! They took me to my first vet visit the next day. I was born a wild kitten and had to get cleaned up so I could learn how to be a house cat.

I'm a house cat now! I eat kitten food with a little warm water to make it soft and it becomes gravy. I like the gravy! I also eat a little canned kitten food. I really like that too! It sure beats what my baby teeth could manage to eat when I found food in the fields near the truck stop! I don't get warm or sleep in engines anymore, either. I have a bed. A HUGE bed. It's so big I share it with Mommy. She's a lot warmer than a car engine after it's turned off too!

Becoming a house cat is going pretty well so far. I have a roomy cat carrier that Aunt Azzie shares when I have to go places. There's also the great food I mentioned and the big warm bed. Mommy pays lots of attention to me and Daddy can't resist checking in on me all the time when he's over. I have to stay in Mommy's room right now because the doctor said I have to be kwo...kweh...kwarnteed, whatever that means. She said I can't play with Aunt Azzie until they get all my healthy cat test results. Anyway that means I can't be everywhere Mommy and Daddy are either, but they visit me a TON!

I love to cuddle and I purr really loud when I cuddle, play, eat or chew fingers. My first toy Mommy gave me is a red M&Ms ribbon and my first favorite toy I've found on my own is the tag at the end of the comforter on the bed. Mommy and Daddy say it's against the law to remove it, so I'm a rebel! The vet says I'm 4-6 weeks old now and Mommy and Daddy decided that they'll call August 12 my birthday. That makes me a Leo, so I may be striped like a tiger, but I'll grow up to be a lion!



Here are some more of my pictures!

My First Toy

My Red M&Ms Ribbon

BIG tigers don't look so big when they're on a pillow case!

All the world's a cat toy!


Daddy's Girl?

My First Bath me!

This is my family

My Mommy and Daddy

Aunt Azzie

My half-brother in Toledo, Baggle

My other Ohio half-brother, Chester

Me with Mommy

Me with Daddy

Thanks for looking in!


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